Heart Health Tips Everyone Needs to Follow No Matter Your Age


Andrew Rudin Md


Most people think that you should start focusing on heart health as you age since you are more prone to heart disease, calcium build up and other medical problems that can shorten your life. The reality is, the younger you start working on your health overall the more time you will spend on this earth. Here are heart health tips that everyone needs to follow no matter what your age is.


Stop smoking right away, and don’t start if you haven’t already

Smoking is the top controllable risk factor for heart disease, so if you smoke you need to stop right away. This habit will slowly kill your body, whether it be your heart or lungs, nothing good comes out of picking up a cigarette. This will increase not only your heart health but your overall health. Those who do not smoke live a longer life, and have fewer heart problems in the future.


Always move

No matter your age, you should always focus on moving your body and getting your heart pumping. The more activity you do the healthier you and your heart will be. This keeps your heart active and constantly pumping blood throughout your body at a faster pace than your resting heart rate. You must remember that exercising is not only for your outer appearance but for your heart also.


Know your numbers

Learning to keep your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in check is a great way to increase your heart health. These are numbers you should be familiar with just in case they start to rise. Having some understanding of ranges can really help you keep track of your own health, whether it is checking your own sugar or knowing tricks to keep your blood pressure low.


Know your happy place

Having a more positive outlook on life can decrease anxiety and stress and overall help your heart. If you do not put these types of strains on your life than you have a better chance at living a happier and healthier life. Stress and anxity can weigh on your heart, sending it into overdrive and making it work harder than it has too. Find your happy place and make sure you always have it to resort back to when life gets hard.